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aqua luna

A unique and varied album. Perhaps Arshi's best so far. The hammered dulcimer is rich in harmonics and the music goes beyond the Acushla ensemble to provide texture and melodies that delight and inspire.

arshi tope - unspoken sky album

unspoken sky

Vibrant, enchanting original music featuring the Indian Santoor and Arshi's flute finesse.
The sound is enriched by the wizardry of the ensemble being percussionist Jamie David,
tuned percussionist Michael O'Shaunessy on marimba and Tony Lane violin.

arshi tope - mirror's breath album

mirror's breath

A diverse, melodious and multi layered CD that reflects Arshi's musical journey using classical roots, passionate flamenco and latin rhythms african riffs and indonesian surprises.


'Hello Acushla, thanks for working it out to mail your CD "Unspoken Sky" to me in the U.S. Your CD has a unique, playful blend of instruments, an original world music sound,really quality performance. The cover art by Chandy is also beautiful and unusual.If I lived in Australia I'd be begging him to do the art for my next cd!' Lynda Cole

'I have listened to "Unspoken Sky" almost for four hours non stop (it
has been only six hours since I have bought it off you).It is an amazing mix of
melodious instruments. I would fall short of words to describe the
beauty and attraction of your music.'
Amarsh Anand


listen to arshi's music on her myspace site here...


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